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El Dorado restoration

Let Pinrescue rebuild your classic "El Dorado" $4,000 Pictured below Pinrescue's favorite drop target game 1975 El Dorado restored to nearly new. We have restored dozens of El Dorado's over the years and can never keep them in stock. They sell within days of Pinrescue listing them.

WE CAN RESTORE YOUR TIRED LOOKING El Dorado this includes our 30 hour over $800 in new parts mechanical restore which includes new plastics, posts, pop bumpers , all 4 flippers, inside and out cleaning, new playfield glass, new coin door , new back door, new locks on and on. That combined with our cabinet work sanding, repairing and lastly repainting. Availability of reproduction glass can be iffy as that glass always sells out fast too. Our turn around time on El Dorado is under 6 weeks EXCEPT from Oct thru Christmas then we are mid February pick ups. We will NOT take on machines with worn out playfields, water damaged machines, insect damaged machines or worse. We don't paint the playfield and we don't clear coat don't ask. What we do is try to make your machine as close to new as possible then we tune it to play like new. Then we do the cosmetic work to try to make it look new.

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