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1971 Gottlieb's futuristic "2001" great single player game with 20 drop targets. The most drop targets on any game ever. Pinrescue loves 2001 and restored this fine example with care. We spent way too many hours restoring this classic to nearly new condition (restoration completed January 2017 Happy New Year) we replaced all 20 drop targets, every post, every lamp, all the rubber, brand new coin door, new playfield glass, new coin entries, new legs and new hardware including leg levers, bolts and locks. This 2001 looks like 1971 all over again. During 1971 Lance Armstrong, American cyclist , Pete Sampras tennis great, Christina Applegate, American actress and Snoop Dog American rapper were all born somehow Snoop looks older then the other three! Time flies and so will this beautiful "2001" Pinrescue cannot keep nice drop target games from Gottlieb in stock.

Fine features found on this gem:

  • 20 new drop targets
  • 2 new flippers last of the small flipper drop target games
  • 2 new pop bumpers fast and snappy
  • 5 kickout holes
  • 4 slingshots
  • 5 ways to make specials
  • Replays for high scores and end of game match

Beautifully restored cabinet with all new chrome, very nice playfield and nice original backglass this "2001" plays as good as it looks. Freshly rebuilt January 2016. Classic Muscle Cars from 1971 correctly restored are bringing 6 figures when done right, pinball may follow suit as most people drove those cars to the local hangout, bowling alley or sub shop to play pinball machines like 2001.

Lots of close up pictures below (thanks to Gregg Smith our webmaster) visit his site he does great work for us.

Pinrescue has safely shipped to almost every state ($500 inside, insured ready to play) and local to us we offer long term service contracts as the best pinball machine in the world is no fun at all if it doesn't work.

Price $4500  sold Purchase NY questions?  or call russ 215 354 0906

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