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1975 Gottlieb's "300" 4 player fun for your whole family. Cute animated pinball machine the red bowling balls line up in the machines head very cool and it looks so 1970's. This was Gottlieb's last multiplayer pinball machine with an animation unit in the head. This collectable “300” is the 4 player version of the 2 player “Top Score” pinball machine.  Family friendly and rebuilt for a long happy life in your home. “300” features an animation unit in the back box red bowling balls rack up for big bonus scoring. It also has a ball return gate and a bagatelle lanes on the right side to build up the bonus balls. It has a Mystery Bonus and is one of the few Gottlieb’s that will award the countdown bonus before draining the ball.  Lots of people remember playing “300” & “Top Score” at their local bowling alley back in the late 70’s .

This beautifully restored 300 has a extremely easy Special to light up but it is super difficult to get it awarded as the first 1,000 points you score turns it off. Too many new parts installed to list  too many long hours to count (over 100 hours in the restoration) fresh correct cabinet paint new coin door, legs, locks, flippers, pop bumpers, posts, rubber and lamps on and on....all new.

This super nice "300" will save you tons of gas and wear and tear on your car as you will stay home more enjoying the sounds and feel of a restored 1970's pinball machine. Lots of peoples favorite pinball machine as most bowling alleys in the late 1970's had a "300" in the pinball line up. In 1975 The film version of The Who's Tommy premieres featuring "Pinball Wizard".  Plays as good as it looks great fun.

We have safely shipped all over the USA white glove inside fully insured ready to play and offer long term service contracts local to us in the greater Philadelphia area.

Any questions or call russ 215 354 0906

Price $4795 (sold thank you Richard Johnson)

includes inside insured delivery anywhere in the USA

Sure you could buy a brand new pinball machine for that same money but it would be new and not a 33 year old classic pinball machine.

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