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1964 Gottlieb's "Bonanza" two player family friendly fun for your game room.      Based on the long running TV hit, this "Bonanza" features (on the mint condition backglass) four lovely ladies riding up to the Ponderosa and the  Cartwright's look very happy to see them. Cute images of the Cartwright  family abound on the glass and playfield including "Hoss" in the center with  two arrows thru his 10 gallon hat. This may have been the first pinball  machine directly designed after a TV show. Charlie's Angels, Superman, The  Hulk, and Spiderman pinball machines all were built a decade and a half  after this 1964 Bonanza.  

Rebuilt mechanically and as clean as a pinball machine can be this classic  Gottlieb pinball machine is in amazing 100% original cosmetic condition very  few scuffs and very little wear on the cabinet. The colorful backglass is a  mint original and the playfield is near mint. As good as they get all  original from 1964.    Great game play from 1964 featuring:  Playmaker center bank returns ball to the upper part of the playfield.  Four targets and corresponding rollovers lights the pop bumpers and center  button for 100 points  Three rebuilt bumpers  Two rebuilt old school small flippers  The sounds and feel of a vintage pinball machine NO sound boards real bells.   

One of the nicest all original pinball machines we at Pinrescue have ever  had the pleasure of restoring. Sure you could buy a brand new pinball  machine for the same money as this 1964 "Bonanza" but it would be a 2007  model and it will never have the charm or rarity of this classic. Classic  Cars from 1964 can run over 6 figures pinball machines may follow suit as we  can not keep nicely restored machines in stock. Western pinball machines are  our most popular titles; machines like Buckaroo, El Dorado, Quick Draw,  Dodge City, Bronco and Oklahoma sell as soon as we list them. Avoid future  regrets call or email us now before Bonanza is in someone else's happy home.   

Inside your home insured shipping runs $400 ready to plug in and play. 

Price $4795 Questions? or call russ 215 354 0906

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