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1975 Bally's "Bow and Arrow" Classic Bally pinball machine for 4 players. Vintage western themed pinball from pinrescue we only work on cool pre 1978 pinball games like this 34 year old Bally. Restored with care for a long happy life in your home (restored January 2011). During 1975 when Bow and Arrow was made American Golfer Tiger Woods, American actresses Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie were born donít wait another 30 years for a vintage pinball machine they may all be gone.

Bow and Arrow is feature rich with 1970's pinball fun:

  • 2 playfield spinners

  • 2 rebuilt flippers

  • rebuilt powerful pop bumpers

  • light all 4 pops for double bonus

  • Raise bonus up to 10,000 for specials and extra balls

  • Play more gate and extra balls for long games in your home

  • 100,000 scoring for over the top fun 2 kick out holes for bonus score or open the gate

  • End of game match

Beautifully restored everyone here at pinrescue loves playing Bow and Arrow. Super nice original condition with a mint backglass, great playfield and a very good original cabinet. Fast strong game play like you remember from 1975. Wonderful first pinball machine or a great compliment to any western themed pinball machine collection. Pinrescue has real trouble keeping nicely restored western themed pinball
machines in stock.

We have safely shipped to 40 of the 50 states in the USA insured inside delivery ready to plug in and play $400. If you always wanted a restored vintage pinball machine this nice Bow and Arrow may be for you. Don't wait or it will be a long time before we can purchase, ship in and
restore another Bow and Arrow and a very good chance it will not be in as nice condition as this one.

Price $2995 sold Ranger TX

questions?  215 354 0906

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