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Gottlieb's 1977 "Bronco" Western Themed 4 Players very, very popular drop target game. Freshly restored early July 2017 nice quality Gottlieb drop target game. First Bronco we have had since 2014 here at Pinrescue. Way cool 70's pinball action as the ball kicks up into kicker holes that kick the ball back down to the flippers. Just like a bucking Bronco. During 1977 the year this beautiful bronco left the factory the first commercial flight of the Concord from London to New York took place. Forty years later the Concord is long grounded but this way cool Bronco is going strong. Pinrescue has been hard at work restoring these extremely popular "Western Themed" pinball machines. Most of these classic pinball machines from Gottlieb sell before we can list them on our website. If you have always wanted a vintage Pinball machine maybe this Bronco is for you.

 Plays like it just came right out of the factory same as new. Pinrescue restored Bronco with care for a long happy life in your game room (restoration completed July 2017). This Bronco is as clean as a pinball machine can be inside and out and has had tons of new parts installed like new flippers, new flipper buttons, new pop bumpers, new white posts, new playfield glass, new legs, bolts & levers, new coin entries, new shooter, springs & plate, 100% new rubber, 100% new lamps (nearly 100 lamps in Bronco all new), new locks and many new coils. Sure it costs us more to do a complete mechanical restoration and not just wipe it down and fix a problem or two. In the long run it is well worth it, game play like you remember from 1977. Pinrescue proudly offers long term service contracts local to us in the NYC to Washington DC area. Not local we provide unlimited email/phone /parts support the best pinball machine in the world is no fun at all if it doesn't work.

 Nice Features found on Bronco: Up to 60,000 points exciting 4X's countdown bonus on last ball.

  • Double Bonus on any ball by making A B C
  • Win extra balls after dropping the 3 horses (for extra-long play at home).
  • Four kick outs two kick up and two kick down
  •  Win games for High Scores, Specials and End of game match

 This 40 year old pinball machine has a ok looking original backglass with few cosmetic issues see close up pictures below, a very nice original rebuilt playfield (restored July 2017) and great looking solid original cabinet. We here at Pinrescue really do strip down the playfields and rebuild them on all our machines for sale not just say we do see pictures below. Clean as can be inside and out. Bronco along with other great Gottlieb western pinball machines like El Dorado , Bonanza, Quick Draw, Wild Wild West, Gold Rush, Buckaroo , Oklahoma, Mustang and Straight Shooter somehow blended pinball with the wild west. Any of those would look great next to Bronco.


Pinrescue's most popular pinball theme (We sell Western Themed, Sports Themed, Card and Billiard Themed pinball machines very soon after we list them).

We have safely shipped all over the world and to over 40 of the 50 States. Bronco will bring back fond memories every time you play and make new memories for your family and friends. Inside set up and ready to play fully insured included in our price to just about anywhere in the lower 48 states.

 Price $3500 installed in your home  
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