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1976 Gottlieb's wonderful two player "Card Whiz" Freshly restored November 2014. Card Whiz is one of the very best drop target, card themed pinball machines ever made. Gottlieb has a long history of famous card themed pinball machines dating back to the 1949 "Gin Rummy", 1955 "Easy Aces", 1957 "Ace High, 1960 "Spot a Card" 1963 "Sweet Hearts", 1965 "Kings & Queens" 1967 "King of Diamonds", 1969 "Spin a Card", 1970 Flip a Card", 1971 "Drop a Card" , 1974 "Top Card" culminating in this the last card themed two player electromechanical pinball machine from the premier manufacture of card themed pinball machines. The end of an era as the next year pinball went digital and the sounds of chimes and bells fell victim to sound boards and speech never to return.

Only one quarter of the production numbers of its 4 player twin "Royal Flush"

This "Card Whiz" features: 9 brand new drop targets, one brand new pop bumper, 3 brand new Rocker targets behind the drop targets, one kick out hole and 2 brand new flippers plays like day one.

Card Whiz also has a free ball gate a count up bonus, specials and the sound and feel of a restored vintage pinball machine. Great playfield, a nice clean original cabinet and a good original backglass makes this "Card Whiz" a good investment in fun for your whole family. Pinrescue has trouble keeping nicely restored "Card" themed pinball machines in stock and this Card Whiz is in nice original cosmetic shape. Mechanically restored (Nov. 2014) and ready for your game room plays like 1976 all over again.

Gottlieb's card themed pinball machines are always in high demand and Card Whiz is as good a title as you can get. Most of these machines lived troubled lives in bars and bowling alley popular ones like Card Whiz got played a lot in the days before Pac man few survived without being worn out.

Fantastic game play make the 3 jokers to light the specials, make poker hands by dropping the targets. Neat scan feature awards bonus score for pairs, two pair, three of a kind, full house and royal flush. The World Series of Pokers "Main Event" winner in 1976 was the legendary Doyle Brunson hard to believe but back then it was winner take all 2nd place won zero dollars! Now you can play a legendary pinball machine every day in your home don't wait or this nice Card Whiz will be on its way to someone else's game/card room.

If you have always wanted a Gottlieb drop target game you will love playing this one. Shipping inside your home insured runs $500 just about anywhere in the USA.

Local to greater NYC to Washington DC area installation and one year service contract runs $350

Price $3250 -sold-Woodstock, VT
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