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1977 Gottlieb's "Centigrade 37" Animated (temperature rises in the back box) Single Player Wedgehead Cabinet with resetting drop targets. Warm up your pinball talent with Gottlieb's futuristic Centigrade 37 that is 98.6 Fahrenheit for the metrically challenged. Excellent shape super popular last Gottlieb single player pinball machine with animation. Centigrade 37 has a nice science fiction theme that can work in any game room. Very desirable hard to find pinball machine. These late 1970's last of their kind pinball machines always are in great demand. During 1977 when this nice Centigrade 37 was new the Supremes last concert took place and 42 year old Elvis Presley died.

Very nice shape all around for a 41 year old pinball machine plays same as when new freshly restored mid January 2018.  Super condition playfield , extra nice original art glass and very clean original cabinet with little fading in the pinks (typical on Centigrade’s). Great fun filled investment Centigrade 37 plays same as new.

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Hot features found on Centigrade 37:

  • Raise thermometer to the Top lights Special
  • 4 resetting drop targets
  • Popular bagatelle scoring down the right side
  • Three rebuilt pop bumpers
  • Two rebuilt flippers
  • A,B,C,D lanes light additional scoring features
  • 100,000 scoring over the top fun
  • End of game match awards replay

Really clean and tuned to play fast and snappy Centigrade 37 will fill your home with the wonderful sounds of a Gottlieb pinball machine. Family and friends will have endless fun trying to get the Thermometer to the top. 

We have safely shipped all over the USA $500 inside your home ready to play and proudly offer long term service contracts local to us from Boston to Richmond.

Price $4000 -Sold-Yorktown Heights, NY Any questions   or call us Russ or Stacy at 215.354.0906

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