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1966 Gottlieb's "Cross Town" one of Gottlieb's most collectable animated pinball machines and many peoples favorite of all time. Fun pinball action from 1966 with cute back box animation the subway doors open to a crowded interior with a tuba player stuck in the door. Fantastic game play in a mid 1960's Gottlieb pinball machine. Line up the points for big scores or win a Special. Light all 4 pop bumpers to light up side lane Specials. Win replays for high scores and end of game match. Rebuilt with care for a long happy life in your home (late May 2015), nice original art glass, new playfield glass, new coin door, new coin entry, new shooter and ball lift, new legs and bolts, new locks, new flippers, new pop bumpers all new rubber all new lamps. "Cross Town" plays like day one! Nice original cabinet with some good looking touch ups, very nice playfield and nice backglass, Cross Town is a winner. Animated pinball machines from the 1960's are always in great demand and are the most collectable.

In 1966 the academy award winners were Best Actor: Lee Marvin, Cat Ballou; Best Actress: Julie Christie, Darling and The Sound of Music won best picture. Don't wait for forever to buy a vintage pinball machine they all may be gone.

If you are a train collector Cross Town would be a great highlight next to your train set up.

Pinrescue has safely shipped to over 40 states ($500 inside ready to play) and offer long term service contracts local to NYC to Washington DC area.

Price $3250
–Sold-Phoenixville, PA  questions?

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