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1972 Gottlieb’s “Flying Carpet” single player magical pinball machine from the greatest pinball manufacture ever Gottlieb. Only the 2nd time Pinrescue has been able to list one on our webpage. We have restored many over the years but Flying Carpet is so popular most never make our webpage. Freshly restored early May 2017 ready for your cool game room. Highly rated pinball machine many players top favorite. Nice machine to place next to the more modern Tales of the Arabian Nights. Please see our video of Flying Carpet in action.

Excellent all round cosmetic condition brand new art glass, nice rebuilt playfield and pretty good original cabinet. Just the way we like to find them before our 30+ hour overhaul that includes new flippers, pop bumpers, posts, rubber, lamps, shooter, legs, playfield glass, locks, levelers, all 12 Bulls Eye targets and new hardware. Cleaned and tuned inside and out for optimum play.

Fun facts from 1972 when this Flying Carpet was brand new: Howard Hughes speaks via telephone to denounce Clifford Irvin’s fake biography of him and the first hand held calculator is introduced the HP-35 price $395 1972 US dollars! Don’t wait another 30 years to get that vintage restored pinball machine they may all be gone.





Excellent game play Spell FLYING CARPET to light the 4 Specials to win tons of free games.

Freshly restored May of 2017 fun Gottlieb pinball machine many peoples absolute favorite.

Price $3750 shipping runs $500 anywhere in the lower 48 less if you live anywhere near NYC to Washington DC
Any questions 215.354.0906  Pinrescue has safely shipped to over 45 of the 50 states

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