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1966 William’s “Full House” Poker themed pinball machine. All of our card themed pinball machines sell like hot cakes on Sunday morning. Pinrescue cannot keep machines like Full House, Royal Flush, Card Whiz, Jacks Open, Big Deal, Sweet Hearts and King of Diamonds in stock they always sell fast. It must have something to do with the celebrity poker on every other channel on TV.

This Full House has the engaging feature that it displays it’s own random hand every ball. Beat the dealer and it pops a free game also free games for scores and Specials when lit. Perfect for your game room.

Sadly this Full House has issues with the backglass the cabinet and playfield and game play are super. The glass is sealed so it won’t get worse. Pinrescue will find a better glass some day and offer it to the new owner.

We have safely shipped all over the USA and proudly offer long term service contracts local to us in the greater Philadelphia area.

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