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1977 Gottlieb’s “Golden Arrow” The last western themed single player electromechanical pinball machine from Gottlieb the end of an era. Low production of just over 1500 machine made in 1977 my guess is most of them must have been exported to Europe as you never find them for sale here in the good old USA. Western themed pinball machines are a hot collectable some of the greatest pinball machine ever made are western themed. For example Aztec, Buckaroo, Bronco, Bow and Arrow, Big Brave, Bonanza, Corral, Cowpoke, Dodge City, El Dorado, Fast Draw, Gun Smoke I could almost name one for every letter in the alphabet.  The big three major pinball manufactures made well over 100 different western themed titles out of their Chicago factories and this 1977 “Golden Arrow” was the last of its kind. Never to be the same as Gottlieb, William’s and Bally all went digital the next year.

Back in 1977 the Bee Gee’s were topping the charts with the mega hit songs from “Saturday Night Fever”, don’t wait another three decades for a classy vintage pinball machine they may all be gone.

This really nice Golden Arrow has been mechanically restore with tons of new parts installed like new flippers, new flipper buttons, new pop bumpers, new caps, new white posts, new playfield glass, new legs, bolts & levers, new coin entries, new shooter, springs & plate, 100% new rubber, 100% new lamps (nearly 80 lamps in Golden Arrow all new), new locks and many new coils. Sure it costs us more to do a complete mechanical restoration (just completed Aug 2009) and not just wipe it down and fix a problem or two. In the long run it is well worth it, game play like you remember from 1977. Pinrescue proudly offers long term service contracts local to us in the NYC to Washington DC area. Not local we provide unlimited email/phone /parts support the best pinball machine in the world is no fun at all if it doesn’t work. 

Great original cosmetic condition as follows, Beautiful mint condition original art/back glass, super nice condition rebuilt playfield, Very nice original cabinet with a few professional light touch ups excellent original chrome all round. Just the way Pinrescue likes to find them before we do our 30 hour mechanical overhaul Golden Arrow is as clean as a whistle inside and out.

Great fun features:

  • Two spinners moves the “spot”

  • Star rollover moves the “spot”

  • “Spotted” numbers score 10,000 points

  • Three rebuilt Pop bumpers

  • Six bulls eye targets

  • Twelve rollover lanes (with all new plastic lane guides)

  • Three chime box and six inch bell for 10,000 points

  • Over the top 100,000 scoring

  • Ten ways to win a Special

  • End of game match

Fun fast and collectable Golden Arrow is a winner. Pinrescue's most popular pinball theme (We sell Western Themed, Sports Themed and Billiard Themed pinball machines very soon after we list them). We have safely shipped all over the world and to over 3/4 of the 50 States. Golden Arrow will bring back fond memories every time you play and make new memories for your family and friends.

Price $2795 
(sold Wardensville WV)   Inside your home ready to plug in and play delivery $400 just about anywhere in the USA

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