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1975 Bally's "Hokus Pokus" Two Player fast spinning pinball fun. Mystical "Hokus Pokus" features 3 pull a rabbit out of your hat spinners 2 pop bumpers and loads of action. Our Hokus Pokus has a beautiful glass, good playfield and the cabinet has only a few cosmetic issues and no hero's carvings (initials carved into cabinet by vandals).

This magic themed machine would look great next to Pinrescue’s other 1975 Abra Ca Dabra which we may still have in stock or the modern Bally's "Theater of Magic".

It has all the features you could ever want in a mid 1970 pinball machine:

  • in both extra balls and a ball return to shooter gate means extra long games in your home.
  • Specials awarded three different ways. (loud Knocker)

Hokus Pokus has the popular "Over the Top" buzzer for 100,000 scoring to let everyone in the arcade now your home know you turned Hokus Pokus over flashes "over the Top” on the glass as the buzzer rings for about 10 seconds. Cool pinball fun from 1975 the year of the movie Tommy.

We at Pinrescue only work on these older vintage pinball machines made before 1977 and stand behind our restored machines. Locally we offer a renewable annual service contract, and for customers who are not local, we offer unlimited service advice and any parts you may ever need. 

Vintage restored pinball machines are a fun investment you can enjoy everyday. Pinrescue has real trouble keeping up with the demand for good looking fully working 1970’s pinball machines.

We can safely get Hokus Pokus to you and yours. Nice clean restored reliable pinball machine from Bally. Insured inside delivery ready to plug in and play runs $350 to just about anywhere in the USA.

Price $1895 (Sorry sold Modesto Ca)
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