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1973 Gottlieb's "King Pin" Sports themed pinball machine. This very popular bowling themed drop target game in beautiful all around condition. Mechanically restored end of January 2017. Pinrescue sold out this year before black Friday it seems like vintage pinball is more popular then ever.

 Similar game play to Pinrescue's favorite El Dorado which was made in 1975. Move the spot to win many free games! Four rebuilt flippers, two brand new pop bumpers we also replaced every white post, all 10 drop targets, cabinet buttons, ball shooter, coin door, new legs, coin entry, side rails, locks and every lamp and rubber. Fresh correct cabinet paint great Gottlieb drop target game in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. Try to knock down the ten bowling pin drop targets with five balls per game. Freshly restored January 2017 every function works as it should.

These 1970's Gottlieb single player "wedgeheads" (cabinet design) with drop targets sell as fast as we can restore them. In 1973 when you may have been playing machines like King Pin at your local hangout, O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills became the first running back to rush for 2,000 yards in a pro football season. (how time flies)  For a short video of our shop click here to see some other fine pinball machines we sold in the past.

 Fine features found on King Pin:

  • Ten bowling pin drop targets.
  • Four rebuilt flippers nice mix of regular and old school small flippers up top.
  • Two kick out holes.
  • Two rebuilt pop bumpers.
  • Completing the drop targets once lights spot for 5000 per target
  • Completing drop targets twice lights spot for Specials
  • End of game match.

Excellent playing condition, excellent cosmetic condition all round, Nice playfield, restored to original cabinet with all new chrome and a good condition original art glass, clean as a whistle inside and out. Local long term service contacts available on King Pin as it has been carefully restored (late January 2017) for a long happy life in your home.


Pinrescue has safely shipped to over 45 of the 50 states insured inside shipping runs $500 ready to plug in and play. Shipping is less from Boston to Washington DC.

Price $3000 sold Philadelphia questions?

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