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1975 Bally's "Knockout" Super nice original condition 2 player "sports themed" pinball machine. Now you can be "The King" and own the same model machine Elvis use to play in Graceland. Knockout is in the racquetball building in Graceland.

Bally made 2,085 Knockout machines in 1975 how many can be left in this kind of restored condition?
Fun for two players and in excellent original shape all round with the exception of the backglass "picture frame" which was freshly painted and looks great. The backglass is a mint original as are all the cabinet graphics as good as they get all original with few scuffs and no carvings. Knockout's playfield is in excellent condition fully restored (completed Sept 2009) with all new flippers, all new pop bumpers, all new lamps, all new white posts and all new rubber. In 1975 Muhammad Ali (aka The Greatest) defended his World Championship Title 4 times! In Oct 1975 Ali defeated Joe Frazier in “
The Thrilla in Manila”  Bally’s “Knockout” pays homage to the possibly the greatest year in boxing ever. Also in 1975 Chuck Wepner’s loss to Ali was the inspiration for Stallone’s “Rocky Balboa” character. Don’t wait another 3 decades for a vintage pinball machine they may all be gone.

Nice features that we are sure Elvis enjoyed:

  • Skill shot in the new for 1975 Knockout Alley to; (Light the bumpers, advance the bonus, light the double bonus, lights rollovers for more scoring)

  • Two powerful rebuilt pop bumpers

  • Two knockout spinners for back to the top game action

  • Center kick out scores 30, 300 or 3,000 points

  • Extra Balls for long play at home Specials after bonus reaches 15,000

  • Countdown bonus up to 30,000 with double bonus lit

  • 100,000 over the top scoring

  • Win games for High scores, Specials and End of Game Match

    Pinrescue likes the game play on Knockout and loves it's cosmetic condition.
    Nicely restored originals from the mid 1970's sell quickly don't wait or it will be a long time before Pinrescue finds another one in this condition.

Price $2895 (sold Piney Hollow NJ)

 insured inside shipping runs $400 anywhere in the USA.
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