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1962 Gottlieb's "Olympics" tour the world playing this fun single player machine from the premier manufacture of this era of pinball machines. Light all ten cities from London to Caracas to light the Specials and win tons of free games. It is easy to get 6 or 7 but nearly impossible to light all 10! Fast (for 1962) pinball action with 4 rebuilt pop bumpers, new flippers (freshly restored April 2011) new coin door, legs levers and bolts, Olympics is ready for your game room. Beautiful all round condition no one would believe it is almost 50 years old. Plays like 1962 all over again. Talking about 1962 the price of a 1st class stamp was 4 cents, Johnny Carson starting hosting the Tonight show, Marilyn Monroe died at the age of 36 and John Glenn was first American to orbit the earth. Don't wait another 1/2 century to get a vintage pinball machine they may all be gone. Wholesome Sports themed machine features both summer and winter Olympic sports and some sports like golfing that I don't remember being in any Olympics.

Sporting features found on Olympics:

  • light 10 cities to light specials
  • 4 new pop bumpers
  • 2 new flippers
  • 3 targets awards cities and then specials
  • replays for high scores
  • replay for end of game match

For a short video of our shop click here  to see some other fine Gottlieb machines.

Pinrescue has safely shipped all over the USA flat rate $400 inside installed in your game room ready to play

Price $3500 (sold Lincoln Ma)

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