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1976 Gottlieb's "Pioneer" & "Spirit of 76" patriotic pinball at it's best! Pinrescue is very proud to offer three of the most desirable multiplayer pinball games ever created. We always sell out of these titles fast. Star of the famous or infamous 1976 movie "Carwash", "Spirit of 76" was in the carwash waiting room and had plenty of "on camera" time. Many kids know this machine from the computer emulation of "Spirit of 76" on their home PC.

We also have the three times more rare 2 player "Pioneer" in stunning original cosmetic condition. This pinball machine has been mechanically restored and are incredibly clean. The only difference is that the Saturn V rocket appears on the glass where the extra players are located on the "Spirit of 76" glass. The playfield and game play are identical.

Features include: 10 drop targets, extra balls, specials, 3 pop bumpers, up to four times countdown bonus and 5 star rollovers. Like all of our pinball machines, they have been rebuilt for a long and happy life in your home.

We can get it safely to you anywhere in the USA. Pinrescue offers our low cost long term annual service contract to customers local to us in the greater Philadelphia area and all of New Jersey.

As always, this "Pioneer" and "Spirit of 76" are clean as pinball machines can be and plays the same as when it was new in 1976, 28 long years ago.

All three machines have beautiful playfields and back glasses, rebuilt flippers, pop bumpers and play like new. Our lower priced "Spirit of 76" has a few more cosmetic issues (armor plated bottom to prevent robberies black metal lip shows on bottom of cabinet). The "Pioneer" has minimal cosmetic issues and is about as nice an original as you can ever find.

Spirit of 76 (#1) $2795
Spirit of 76 (#2) $2195
Pioneer   $3200

Any questions 215 493 266

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