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1968 Gottlieb's beautiful "Royal Guard" great snap target game the 4 colored targets snap back and forth and make a marching sound as they move. Very hip 1960's British Themed pinball. During 1968 when Royal Guard was new "The Beatles" founded Apple Records shortly thereafter launched the "White Album".

Complete all 8 skill shots to light the specials to win many games in your home. Make all five top lanes to light center special. Replays for scores and end of game match. Mechanically restored new legs, all new plastic posts, all new flippers and pop bumper parts, near mint backglass, new playfield glass on and on.... It plays like new and would look great in your home. Very nice restored cabinet with brand new chrome coin door looks great.

Pinrescue likes the snap targets, which each one made lights a target or pop bumper for higher scores. Four pop bumpers, three specials and the sounds of three different size bells with the march of the snap targets makes for great pinball fun.

One of the few investments you can play and enjoy everyday if you always wanted a vintage pinball machine this Royal Guard may be what you have been waiting for. We offer unlimited parts/email/phone support and have safely shipped all over. Local to us in Philadelphia area and all of New Jersey we offer delivery and set up with an annual service contract.

Forty one years old but this Royal Guard plays like it just came out of the factory! Pinrescue has real trouble keeping quality restored machines in stock we sell out every Christmas season. Don't wait or this classic from

1968 will be on it's way to some other happy home.

Price $3495 (Sold Champaign IL)  Pinrescue has safely shipped all over the USA runs $400 fully insured inside delivery read

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