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1976 Gottlieb's "Sure Shot" Gottlieb's Super popular western/billiards theme pinball machine freshly rebuilt (March 2017) for years of family fun. Sure shot is the perfect complement for your game room if you have a pool table. Sure Shot is the last Gottlieb electromechanical single player wedgehead cabinet style pool themed machine.

Vintage pinball machines are a hot collectable fun with cool art work it is a bonus that your family and friends can play every day.

Our most popular best-selling vintage pinball machines are "Western" themed then "Pool" themed with Sure Shot you get both in one game! Some of the greatest Gottlieb machines were single player billiard themed machines like 1950 Bank a Ball, 1952 Skill Pool, 1958 Roto Pool, 1962 Rack a Ball, 1965 Bank a Ball ( so good they did a remake 15 years later) 1969 Target Pool culminating in this 1976 Sure Shot . Sure Shot was the last of its kind never to be the same after 1977 when pinball went digital and the sounds and feel of pinball changed forever.

During 1976 you might have played "Sure Shot" while waiting to see the big hit Logan's Run at your local theater. It was a big hit in 1976.

Engaging features found on this nice dependable "Sure Shot":

  • Five balls per game to "make" all 15 pool balls.
  • Make all the balls and three different specials light for the rest of the game.
  • Two kicker holes whose scoring varies from 500 to 5,000 depending on which pool balls are made.
  • Rebuilt Chime box which plays 20 different tunes on the kicker hole scoring depending on which pool balls are made.
  • Three rebuilt pop bumpers they are strong and snappy.
  • Countdown bonus after each ball is drained 1,000 points for each ball made.
  •  100,000 scoring for over the top fun.
  • End of game match.

Nice quality vintage pinball machine restored to play the same as when new, freshly restored January 2017 good condition playfield, very nice back glass and good original cabinet nice metal and new legs, play field glass, posts, lamps, rubber, shooter, flippers, pop bumpers, bolts and hardware . Looks great plays like new fun Gottlieb pinball perfect for your game room. 

Pinrescue has real trouble keeping nicely restored quality examples like this "Sure Shot" in stock they sell as fast as we can restore them freshly restored end of March 2017. We have shipped all over and can get Sure Shot safely to your home. Flat fee $500 inside, insured delivery ready to plug in and play. Shipping will be less if you live anywhere near Washington DC to NYC.

Price $3500 Sold-Phoenix, AZ questions?  or call Russ or Stacy  at  215 354 0906

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