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 Vintage Pinball Machines for sale:

1976 Gottlieb's four player "Surf Champ" desirable and super popular (4 player version of "Surfer") in excellent all round condition as follows mint original back glass, mint original playfield and near mint original cabinet plays like new. Just restored November 2016 this is the nicest all original Surf Champ Pinrescue has ever had.

Great game play on Surf Champ, a super 1970's Surfing theme and fantastic artwork makes Surf Champ a winner. Freshly restored September 2016 this will sell fast. Everyone at Pinrescue has been working hard to get nice quality restored vintage pinball machines up on our webpage. We sold out before Black Friday Christmas of 2015 and expect the same this year, many thanks to all of our customers. This Surf Champ is freshly restored November 2016. If you always wanted a vintage pinball machine this 1976 Surf Champ maybe for you. 

Fun features found on Surf Champ:

  • Popular 5 drop targets and 5 star rollovers to light extra balls and specials.
  • Up to 45,000 countdown bonus on last ball with 3 times bonus lit.
  • Kick out hole awards from 500 to 5,000 increasing each with star rolled over.
  • Extra Balls and Specials everything you could want in a mid 1970's pinball machine.

Pinrescue loves Surfer and Surf Champ have restored many of them over the years and they always sell fast. Muscle cars from this era are bringing 6 figures quality nicely restored pinball machines may follow suit as the demand is Booming (read baby boomers) and the supply of ready to play machines is very limited. During 1976 the year Surf Champ was made Jimmy Carter was elected president and we were all celebrating the bicentennial!

As with all our machines for sale mechanically restored with all new rubber, posts, lamps, flippers and pop bumpers. Clean as a pinball machine can be. Pinrescue really does clean these classic machines top to bottom inside and out see pictures below. Surf Champ had a super low production run of just over 1,000 units made way back in 1976. Finding one in nicely restored condition 40 years later might be your dream come true. Insured inside delivery $500 just about anywhere you are located.

Free installation and one year service anywhere along the New Jersey, New York shore on this very nice Surf Champ help bring back your memories of the shore and create new ones for the younger members of your family. Top quality all original Surf Champ 40 years old but looks less than one year old.

Price $5000 sold Clinton CT Questions? 

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