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Baseball- 1969 “Yankee” baseball

Nice baseball pitch and bat for 2 players with all the features you remember extra long games as if you spell YANKEE it subtracts an out . Three pitch selection straight, curve and slider, home run ramps and three bleach home runs make all three to subtract an out. Nice condition all round with a nicely repainted cabinet rebuilt (Oct 2010) for a long happy life in your gameroom. These Chicago Coin machines were built with a quality the Germans, Chinese and Japanese can’t touch. So much more fun then any computer games. Mom and Dad this is a game you can beat the kids playing.

In baseball 1969 was the year of the Amazing Mets (sorry Yankee fans) don’t wait another 4 decades for a pitch and bat they may all be gone.

Sharp looking machine with the fresh cabinet paint could work in any baseball themed room or any cool gameroom.

Our price includes insured inside installation in your home ready to play. Local to NYC to Washington DC installation and one year warrantee is included in the price.

Price $3900 Questions?  or call russ 215 354 0906      



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