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Pinrescue only works on the classy pre 1978 electromechanical pinball machines that you may remember. This is our full time occupation and has been for over a decade.

Pinrescue puts a minimum of 30 hours labor into every mechanical restoration on every pinball machine we offer for sale.

Three times that if we restore the cabinet and chrome. Pinrescue doesn't bother putting our heroic and time consuming efforts into restoring pinball machines with worn out trashy playfields or ones with damaged cabinets or worse.

We really do the work to make these 30 year old machines play like new. We change 100% of the rubbers and not just wipe them off. We change all the lamps not just the bad ones. Pinrescue replaces all the pop bumper components so they will work correctly for years to come. Every pinball machine we sell has new flipper parts installed and tuned to work like new.

Our 1970's pinball machines get all new playfield posts not only do they look fantastic but they won't break and cause the machine to go down. Each of our restored machines is cleaned from top to bottom. Does it cost us more to do the job right? Of course it does. Sure our prices are a little higher then buying from a part time pinball restorer or the bargain "as is" pinball nightmare from Ebay. Pinrescue knows what we do to these vintage machines and can't say what the others do. This is our full time job and we love what we do and it shows in our work. The best pinball machine in the world is no fun at all if it doesn't work. The 1974 "Out of Site" pictured below may still be in stock if it isn't in some happy customers game room by now.

The best pinball machine in the world is no fun if it does not work!

Take a look at some recent pinball machine restoration work below. Click each photo to enlarge

Before Photos

After Photos

This 1947 Exhibit's "Playtime" had not rang a bell in at least 30 years. After a detailed cleaning and restoration it plays like new again.


Other restoration photos
The Egghead in this picture is for sale

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