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1970 William’s “3 Jokers” is a card themed pinball machine you may remember from the early 70's. If you played this back in the day you know what a fun game it is. Freshly restored (June 2011) 3 jokers is ready for your game room. In 1970 the year 3 Jokers was in the arcades Ford introduced the "new" Pinto. Dependable pinball action in a cosmetically challenged machine. Nice playfield, great fast five brand new pop bumper action with a way cool spinner in the playfield.

Fun features found on 3 Jokers:

  • Up Post between flippers.
  • Playfield spinner awards cards or jokers.
  • Make 3 jokers for extra balls.
  • Make straight flush for extra balls.
  • Make left lane specials for extra balls.
  • High scores awards replays or extra balls makes for long games at home.
  • Five brand new pop bumpers for super fast 1970's pinball action.

Art glass has some issues but all in all a nice fun player. Some character on the original cabinet. Pinrescue can restore the cabinet but it will nearly double it's price. 3 Jokers is mechanically restored June 2011 and plays like new in spite of it's 41 years. These card themed machines don't stay in stock long. One of our lowest priced machines because of the cosmetics on the cabinet. Local customers can get our comprehensive annual
service contract on 3 Jokers if you are not local phone/parts/email support.

Price $2295 (sold Warsaw IN) Questions?  or russ 215 354 0906

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