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1971 Bally's "4 Million BC" Wonderful 4 player game from Bally mechanically restored by Pinrescue (July 2010). This is the only "Four Million BC" we have had the pleasure of restoring the the 12+ years we have been doing only vintage pinball full time. It is quickly becoming our favorite Bally machine to play. Looking back to 1971 when this nice Bally was new the average cost of new house in the USA was $25,250.00 and a postage stamp was 8 cents.

Four Million BC featured a host of innovative features for a early 1970's pinball machine:

  • 3 ball multiball (this was in 1971 folks!)
  • Skill shot ramp (perfect shot lights all three bumpers and scores 3,000 points)
  • Zipper Flippers (flippers zip closed so you can't lose the ball)
  • Volcano hole traps ball and scores 1,000-5,000 points
  • Tar Pit traps ball
  • Left kick back lane when lit (saves the ball from draining)
  • Ball save gate (returns ball to shooter) awards extra ball
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • Two mushroom bumpers release trapped balls

Lots of pinball fun with love it or hate it graphics. It is in wonderful original cosmetic condition all the way around. Mint art glass, very nice original cabinet and great playfield just the way Pinrescue likes to find them before doing our mechanical overhaul. Lots of pictures to show the condition difficult machine to find in any condition they just don't come up for sale very often.

Local to NYC to Washington DC we offer installation in your home and one year service contract for our sale price. Not local we include insured inside your home installation on legs ready to play in our sale price.

Price $3700 sold Belvidere, IL Questions?  or russ 215 354 0906

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