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1966 Gottlieb's "Central Park" Classic vintage pinball with animation (monkey rings the bell) cute family friendly fun. Central Park is one of the most desirable pinball machines from the 1960's. Pinrescue and everyone else loves to watch the monkey ringing the big bell every 100 points.

We are lucky to have two 1966 Central Parks right before Christmas 2017 they will sell fast. They are great playing vintage classics. Restored the way you would do it if you had the time, parts and ability and a nice Central Park to begin with, over 30 hours labor doing the mechanicals and tons of brand new parts in the restoration (completed mid November 2017). Some of the new parts Pinrescue's crew installed on this Central Park : Brand new flippers, brand new pop bumpers, new shooter, ball push up, playfield glass, legs, locks, 10 new bulls eye targets and hardware.

Pinrescue has real trouble trying to keep restored Gottlieb pinball machines in stock. Donít wait or this great playing Central Park will be on itís way to someone elseís game room.

Near mint original art glass, beautiful playfield and a ok looking original cabinet .

Pinrescue can restore the cabinet and chrome but it will not be ready for delivery this Christmas.

 This Central Park plays as good as new hard to believe it is 51 years old. Back in 1966 the Beatles released the Revolver album and Grace Slick performs live for the first time with Jefferson Airplane and Gottlieb released Central Park. Playing this machine is like taking a trip back in time.

Notable features found on Central Park:

  • Animated Backglass Bell ringing monkey
  • Four new snappy pop bumpers
  • Two all new flippers
  • Complete the 1 thru 5 or 6 thru 10 Bulls Eye  targets five times to light the easy to hit Specials Last Ball in Play light on the glass
  • 3 different sized bells including the large bell in the art glass End of game match awards replay.


Muscle cars from 1966 are bringing 6 figures if correctly restored classic pinball may follow suit as many times those Hot Rods were driven straight to the local pinball place for some good clean American fun. Unlike that 1966 GTO this Central Park comes inside your home for everyone to enjoy. Just restored November 2017

Price $4000 - installed in your home ready to play   Questions?  or call russ 215 354 0906  

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