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1978 RARE "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"  electromechanical 4 player pinball machine. First licensed movie based pinball machine from Gottlieb who in 1978 was purchased by Columbia Pictures paving the way for movie based pinball. Gottlieb made 9,950 super popular digital versions of Close Encounters but made less then 500 EM versions. Now a days most pinball machines are movie based like Pirates of the Caribbean, Addams Family Twister and many more in 1978 it was revolutionary. These last of an era pinball machines are becoming hot collectables. By 1978 pinball was digital this Close Encounters is one of the very last old style pinball machine ever made and the youngest Pinrescue ever works on as we don't do the digital machines or video games. Super reliable vintage pinball.

Pinrescue loves this Close Encounters and rebuilt everything with care including all new posts, rubber, lamps, flippers, pop bumpers clean as can be and tuned to play like a new pinball machine. Excellent untouched original graphics minimal wear to the glass, playfield and cabinet. Pinrescue can touch up the cabinet if desired by the lucky new owners or leave it as is with character appropriate for it's 29 years. 

Fast fun filled features on Close Encounters:

Old school Roto Target (last one used in an Electromechanical pinball machine)
5 Resetting Drop Targets ( the only Gottlieb to have both Drop and Roto targets)
2 strong rebuilt flippers 
2 rebuilt pop bumpers
Specials and extra balls for long play in your home
Count down bonus of up to 60,000 points at the end of each ball 
100,000 scoring for over the top fun
Digital sound board for Close Encounters sound effects. (working original board)
Provision for old style chime box (Gottlieb was hedging their digital bet)
Last of the great multiplayer Gottlieb drop target games blockbuster title a fast fun investment you and your family can enjoy everyday. Could work in any home's game room or home theater with the nice movie tie in.
Why take a chance on a ebay pinball nightmare. Local long term service contract not local unlimited email / parts support. The best pinball machines are no fun at all if they don't work.

Price   sold to Sassari Italy


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