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1974 Gottlieb’s futuristic “Duotron” Robot themed pinball. Good condition clean and restored, reliable pinball action for two players. Low production sister to the 4 player "Magnatron". Duotron features a captive ball, ball return gate, countdown bonus, three pop bumpers and two kick up lanes for top to bottom pinball fun from 1974. Duotron would make a great first pinball machine or a wonderful complement to later robot pinball machines like Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot or Gottlieb's own Centigrade 37 which has similar artwork.

Notable features:
Captive ball that boosts the bonus
Center "Cup" opens gate and scores up to 5,000 points
Return to Shooter Gate for longer games at home
Side Kickers shoot the ball across the top of the playfield
3 Rebuilt Pop Bumpers
Tons of fun

Duotron is in good shape all around with a kind of crude paint over on the cabinet. Excellent glass very good playfield and a grade D cabinet because of the questionable paint over.We could restore the cabinet and chrome but it would more then double Duotron's price. Freshly tuned for a long happy life in your game room. Pinrescue has a hard time keeping up with the tremendous demand for quality restored 1970 pinball machines. Don’t wait or Duotron will be ringing bells in someone else’s home. On of our lower priced Gottlieb multiplayer's because of the cabinet issues it plays great and is very reliable.

Pinrescue has safely shipped all over the world.

Price $1895
(Sorry sold “The Leader” N.J.)

Any questions 215 493 266

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