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1975 Bally's "Flip Flop" 4 player western themed pinball machine. Super popular, Super cute, Mother approved Flip Flop in nice all round condition as follows near mint backglass, nice playfield and way better then average cabinet. Mechanically restored (mid Sept 2011) and tons of fun with the unique flip flag feature. Flip Flags first appeared on Flip Flop and were also installed on 1975 "Wizard" these are the only machines to ever have this nice feature. Great strong playing pinball machine tuned to play like it did in 1975 by Pinrescue. We sell out of these 4 player pinball machines from the mid 1970's fast don't wait or Flip Flop will be on it's way to some one else's home. Funny backglass with the old Indian flashing the Peace sign, hey it was made in 1975.

Other great features:
  • Four powerful rebuilt Flippers
  • Four Flip Flags that raise the bonus
  • Two powerful rebuilt Pop Bumpers
  • Two kick-out holes for extra balls
  • Two rollovers for Specials
  • Double bonus on third and last ball
  • Bonus scores of up to 38,000 when doubled
  • Ball Rescue rebound chance of saving the ball on either side drain
  • 100,000 scoring for over the top fun
  • Replays for Specials, High Scores and end of game Match

Local to us in the greater Philadelphia area or anywhere in New Jersey we offer set up and long term service contracts. Not local to us unlimited parts/email/phone support the best pinball machine in the world is no fun at all if it doesn't work.

Price $2795 (sold Stafford VA)   questions?  or call 215 354 0906

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