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1972 Gottlieb's "King Kool"- Way Kool pinball from 1972 for two players.  Featuring four rebuilt flippers, two spinners, three new pop bumpers, specials when lit and a ball return gate for extra-long play in your home.  If King Kool or King Rock was your favorite pinball machine your ship may have come in.  Freshly restored mid-October 2014 King Kool is ready for your game room.

Super popular card/music themed pinball with art work that matches some of Gottlieb's greatest titles like Royal Flush, Joker Poker, Top Card and Jacks Open. These poker/card themed machines sell fast. 


Slightly lower production model of the more common King Rock, the four player version.  Good all round cosmetic condition includes:  great condition playfield, nice backglass, good cabinet with a few scuffs. Pinrescue can restore the cabinet paint and chrome if desired but it would nearly double King Kool's price.


Dependable pinball machine with card theme.  This is a nice first machine or a good addition to an existing game room. Pinrescue has real trouble keeping these restored 1970's pinball machines in stock.  Best investment in family fun you can make this year.  Please enjoy our video of this King Kool in action!   Video created late October 2014.


Quality restored vintage pinball machines are a fun investment which you and your family can enjoy every day . Muscle cars from this era are bringing 6 figures when done right.  Pinball machines may follow suit as the demand is booming (read “Baby Boomers”) and the supply of good working games is limited.  Just where were  the cool guys driving to in  those Cuda's, Camaro's and Mustangs back in 1970's?  Many times to the local pinball hang out to play their favorite real pinball machine.


Local to us Pinrescue proudly offers a one year service contract and install in your game room $250 in the greater NYC to Washington DC area.   Not local: phone/parts/email support,  inside insured shipping runs $500. 


Price $2495  l-sold-Lambertville, NJ Questions or 215.354.0906

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