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 1967 Gottlieb's "King of Diamonds" Classic Car/ Poker vintage pinball with animation (playing cards drop down) cute retro fun. King of Diamonds is one of the most desirable pinball machines from the 1960's. Restored the way you would do it if you had the time, parts and ability and a beautiful King of Diamonds to begin with, over 60 hours labor and tons of brand new parts in the restoration (completed beginning of March 2017). Some of the new parts Pinrescue's crew installed on this gem:, Brand new flippers, brand new pop bumpers, new targets, new shooter, playfield glass, legs, flipper buttons, coin door,  coin entry, lockdown bar, locks and hardware all new parts. Does it cost more to do it right, yes it does.

Pinrescue has real trouble trying to keep fully restored Gottlieb pinball machines in stock. Donít wait or this nice King of Diamonds will be on its way to someone elseís game room.

Perfect birthday gift King of Diamonds turns 50 years old this year!

 Mint repro art glass, beautiful original playfield and a completely restored cabinet .  This King of Diamonds plays as good as it looks hard to believe it is 50 years old.

Back in 1967 A Fist Full of Dollars was playing in all the theaters. The first Boeing 737 takes off (and Cuba is fresh in the news right now March 2017) Fidel Castro announces all intellectual property belongs to the people and Cuba will start publishing literature WITHOUT compensation.    

Playing this machine is like taking a trip back in time. Donít wait another year to get that cool retro pinball machine you have always wanted.

  • Notable features found on King of Diamonds
  • Animated Playing Cards drop down as you win them
  • Three new snappy pop bumpers
  • Two all new flippers
  • Last Ball in Play lights on the glass
  • Complete cards for tons of specials
  • End of game match awards replay.


Muscle cars from 1967 are bringing 6 figures if correctly restored classic pinball may follow suit as many times those Hot Rods were driven straight to the local pinball place for some good clean American fun. Unlike that 1967 GTO this King of Diamonds comes inside your home for everyone family and friends to enjoy.

 Price $5,500 (sold Somis CA)  installed in your home  

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