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Bally’s 1947 “Melody”  Historically significant as Bally’s first flipper machine. Pinrescue respects any machine that is older then we are and we love the art deco look. Melody would be a nice addition to any pinball collection or retro game room. Completely original with no touch ups to the beautiful playfield or cabinet gentle touch ups to the gorgeous original art glass nicely done.  Unique beyond the drain ball return shooter very deco caps and old school wood side rails. Pinrescue cannot offer our comprehensive service contract on any pre 1950’s machines but have overhauled it and it works fine with no issues. Lively play for a 1947 pinball machine.

We have safely shipped world wide but want to sell this vintage machine to someone in the USA.

How many of these 68 year old machines could still be around? Fewer still working all the way as this one is in very good cosmetic condition. Now you can own a piece of pinball history.

Price $1995 Sorry Sold Bologna Italy

Any questions 215 493 266

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