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1976 Bally's "Night Rider" 4 player 10 drop targets super-fast pinball action. Incredibly popular this is the rarer Electromechanical version of Night Rider game play is so fast that most of these machines were played down to the bare wood. Pinrescue was lucky to acquire this nice example then we did our 40 hour mechanical rebuild (Jan 2015) including installing new flippers, all ten brand new drop targets, all three pop bumpers, every post is new, new playfield glass, all new lamps and rubber. 10-4 good buddy this Night Rider plays like 1976 all over again. Mint condition art glass, super nice playfield and ok looking original cabinet great machine for your game room.

Fabulous and funny art work Peterbilt cab over truck, State Police Smokey the Bear driving a souped up 70's Plymouth Duster and a Curvy waitress bringing 40wt coffee. Cute pinball details like Rough Road sign lights up when tilted, Dead End sign lights at game over, US highway signs for number of players and CB microphones for each player. If you can score 100,000 points a buzzer rings and King of the Road lights up letting everyone in the arcade (now in your home) know you turned it over. Big movies from 1976 the year this Night Rider was made were Rocky, Taxi Driver and One Flew over the Cockoo's Nest won the Oscar for best picture. Lots of pictures below ( my webmaster will want to kill me ) visit his webpage he does great work for us.

Fine Bally features found on Night Rider:

  • Over the Top feature lights King of the Road on backglass
  • 3 ultra-fast pop bumpers
  • Countdown bonus up to 15,000 which can be doubled
  • 2 interstate spinners
  • 10 new drop targets which light for Specials Win Extra Balls for long play at home Kickout hole awards double bonus when lit

Pinrescue cannot keep quality 1970's multiplayer drop target games in stock most sell soon after we list them. We have safely shipped to 45 of the 50 states inside fully insured ready to plug in and play runs $500

Price $2795  -sold-McLean, VA questions?  or call russ 215 354 0906

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