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1973 Bally’s “Nip It”

Nip It played a big part in the TV series “Happy Days” it was the pinball machine Fonzie, Richie Cunningham and the whole gang played in Arnold’s Diner. “Nip It” more or less was featured on one episode when the local vendor made the big mistake of replacing it with a different Bally from 1973 Time Zone. All heck broke loose in Arnold’s and Nip It was brought back and remained there happily ever after until the last show. Needless to say Nip It was and is an extremely popular pinball machine.

Four players Nip It features the last use of Zipper Flipper a rare two ball multiball a working Balligator (ball grabber out of alligators mouth at top of playfield) four pop bumpers and two saucer holes. Lots of features, laughs and fast playing fun. This popular Fishing themed pinball machine would look great next to the much later Fish Tales from William's. In 1973 when pinball machines like "Nip It" were earning your dimes First Class Postage was 8 cents! Times have changed but the fun of owning a restored vintage pinball machine is still a treat for your family and friends!

This “Nip It” is in beautiful shape and plays correctly. The cute backglass is in perfect condition playfield and plastics are really nice the cabinet looks great far better then most . Please remember this is a 35 year old pinball machine and not a new “Benz” however Pinrescue offers a Mercedes like service contract on Nip It and all of our machines local to us in Greater Philadelphia area and most of New Jersey. Not local phone/email support forever.
We have safely shipped to over 3/4 of the USA
Price $3700 (sold Piney Hollow NJ) includes inside insured white glove delivery just about anywhere.
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