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1974 Gottlieb’s “Out of Sight” Super popular 10 drop target game. Turn back the clock to 1974 with this up tight 2 player from the premier manufacture of electromechanical pinball machines. Peter Max type art work, a rare 2 player version of Gottlieb’s 4 player “Far Out”. Freshly restored (mid October 2012) Pinrescue has real trouble keeping up with the demand for quality Gottlieb drop target pinball machines from the mid 1970's. We just can't keep any in stock most sell before we get a chance to list them. Good all round cosmetic condition excellent playfield tuned to play like 1974 all over again.


Funky features on "Out of Sight":

§ Fast and snappy game play 10 drop targets for your skill shot pleasure.

§ Three rebuilt pop bumpers for fast upper playfield action.

§ Return to shooter gate and a left drain kickback gate makes for long playing games.

§ Popular end of ball countdown bonus awards up to 30,000 points.

§ Win Specials

§ End of game match number


Out of Site has wonderful artwork that could work in your game room. Good art glass beautiful playfield and original cabinet with few issues. Out of Sight would make a good first pinball for your family room. Thinking back to 1974 when this Out of Sight was brand new Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert both won at Wimbledon that year and dated but never married. If you have always wanted a classic pinball machine don't wait another decade or two they may all be gone.

Local long term service contract and parts email/phone support if not local to us in the NYC to Washington DC area. (shipping runs $400 to just about anywhere in the USA)


Price $2795  (Sold Vancouver BC) Questions?  or russ 215 354 0906

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