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1975 Gottlieb's "Quick Draw"
Low production 2 player version of super popular "Fast Draw" Great all around condition western themed pinball machine with ten drop targets. (Pinrescue has real trouble keeping these in stock.)

Excellent original condition cabinet backglass and playfield plays like you remember back in 1975. Rebuilt with all new posts,  pop bumpers, flippers and all new rubbers and lamps and as clean as a pinball machine can be. Plays correctly, fast and strong. All the features you could want in a 1970's pinball machine. Quick Draw has drop targets that reset for a single horseshoe target worth 5,000 points, two kick out holes for specials, three fast pop bumpers, thrilling fast countdown bonus up to 45,000 points on last ball.

Western themed pinball machines from Gottlieb are among the most collectable titles such as El Dorado, Buckaroo, Sunset, Quick Draw and Mustang always sell fast.

This will go... Quick. Best investment in family fun you can make this year we have safely shipped all over.

Price Sorry Sold  (Sold Novi, MI )
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