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 1964 Williams River Boat Card Themed, Paddlewheel themed classy vintage pinball machine. Just restored November 2016 ready for any room in your house. Nicely repainted to original cabinet good condition playfield and near mint original art glass. One very nice 1964 River Boat.

Pinrescue sold out before Black Friday last year 2015 we expect the same this year. Vintage pinball gets more popular year after year. Why not? They have beautiful art work and are lots of fun to play. First thing your friends and visitors will say is where did you get it we want one.

What was happening in 1964, the year this super nice River Boat was brand new?  Meet the Beatles! Their first US album is released changing the world. US Senator Margaret Chase Smith announces her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.  Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston in Miami (my first grade Nun made us kids pray for a Cassius Clay win!)  You will be a winner with family and friends playing this nice 1964 River Boat.

Kind of rare Williams featuring many ways to light the specials:

  • Make 3 Jokers on any one ball light center swing target
  • Make a straight to light bottom and top Specials
  • 5 rebuilt pop bumpers
  • 2 scoring bumpers
  • 1 roll under gate
  • 1 swinging target for Specials or light a spotted card
  • 4 lollypop stationary targets (all the targets are Original Art Deco plastics and very nice)
  • Lots of things going on and lots to shoot at great vintage pinball fun.


Pinrescue has safely shipped all over $500 just about anywhere, less if you live between NYC and Washington DC

Price $3500  sold Stoughton MA questions?  or call Russ or Stacy  at  215 354 0906

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