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1975 Williamís Satin Doll low production two player ultra fast pinball excitement . Nice all around condition cabinet has some character! Lower production version of Williamís 4 player ďPat HandĒ only with different artwork and with the added bonus of a fourth flipper that Pat Hand didnít have.

Satin Doll has all the features that made this vintage of Williamís pinball so much fun. Specials, Extra Balls , 4 flippers a countdown end of ball bonus and two powerful jet bumpers really close to the flippers. Fantastic colors on this machine and a very good players rating this ďSatin DollĒ could be in your game room within two weeks, Faster if you are local to us near Philadelphia. Local customers are thrilled when the pinball rescue truck pulls up with a newly restored vintage pinball machine. Pinrescue is selling these 1970ís pinball machines as fast as we can restore them so donít wait or you will miss out on Satin Doll.

Freshly restored and long term annual service contract is available locally to us. Not local? Email or phone support forever.

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Price: $1395

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