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Pinball Game For Sale

1972 William's "Spanish Eyes" single player pinball machine. Pinrescue loves the Peter Max pop art style. Vivid colors all around this machine screams 1970. Super-fast game play as this is the first machine to use powerful DC current on the pop bumpers. Excellent original condition cabinet and glass with a very nice playfield a collectors dream. Freshly restored late September 2016 and ready to play.
Nice features found on this 44 year old very reliable pinball machine:

  • Two separate goals make a,b,c,d,e for extra ball and make 1 thru 6 for special.
  • Can be set as a true addaball for extra-long play at home (all scores and specials award extra balls!)
  • Horse Shoe turn around with a cup inside the horseshoe.
  • Fast pop bumper between the flipper for heroic ball saves.
  • 100,000 scoring for over the top fun.

Beautiful Spanish Eyes would look super in any game room, be the envy of your neighbors. Restored with care for a long happy life in your home. Freshly restored September 2016. We at Pinrescue don't bother restoring worn out beat up old machines we use those for parts. We only put our efforts into nice cosmetic examples like this Spanish Eyes. Clean as a pinball machine can be inside and out. Ready for your home. Shipping runs under $500 less between Washington and New York city.

Enjoy our video of Spanish Eyes we just took Sept 2016. This Spanish Eyes is the fastest playing Electro Mechanical Pinball we have ever seen.

Price $3500 sold -Kingman AZquestions? or call  215 354 0906 Russ or Stacy

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