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1974 Williams Futuristic “Strato-Flite” 42 years ago William’s envisioned a space bound “Concord” on the backglass and the world is still waiting.  You won’t have to wait for “Strato-Flite” freshly restored September 2016 and ready for your retro gameroom. Strato-flite features super-fast game play. It has all  the features you could want in a 4 player pinball machine Specials, extra balls, scoring saucer, two ball return gates and three rebuilt pop bumpers. Tons of targets for your skill shot pleasure.

Pinrescue likes “Strato-Flite” for its family friendly theme and fast as a new pinball machine action. Excellent cosmetic condition all the way around. Beautiful original cabinet, play field and art glass. Just the way pinrescue likes to find them before doing our 30+ hour mechanical rebuild just completed mid-September 2016.

In 1974 when this very nice Strato-flite was brand new the world was still two years away from the first commercial flights of the Concorde. Well now the Concorde is grounded but this Strato-Flite soldiers on after a fresh restoration September of 2016.

 Pinrescue proudly offers a long term low cost service contract local to us Philadelphia /New Jersey area  or parts and service support via email for our internet customers.

Pinrescue has safely shipped all over the world and to 45 of our 50 states. Shipping runs $500 just about anywhere less if you live between Boston and Washington DC.

Price $2795 (sold Washington DC) Questions? or call us 215 354 0906 Russ and Stacy

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